Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Success: Failure – Keeping Your Competency Scorecard

Today marks a new chapter in your life as you cross over from being a student to a practising designer. Be prepared to face a completely different set of tests. 

Overcoming Life’s Battery of Tests
Broadly speaking, life consists of a battery of tests. Be aware that the design industry is a highly competitive one and it takes loads of passion, persistence and perseverance to overcome challenges to succeed. Recognise that there are always learning opportunities in every challenge and learn to deal with them squarely. What matter most is not about you winning or losing but whether you have learnt and done your very best. Overtime, I am sure you will increase your personal value through accumulation of these varied experiences, pick up nuggets of wisdom and develop your resourcefulness as a designer.

Positive Attitude
As an FMDS graduate, you have been equipped with the know-how and applied skills to survive in this trade. I can assure you that it is only with a positive attitude towards life and your designing career that you will be able to go far. Undertake each and every project as your award-winning masterpiece. You will not regret it. Do well and your name will be well regarded by your clients. Your competitors will fear you and your peers will envy you.

Champion Mindset
On another note, I urge you to always adopt a champion mindset. Champions compete to win but there are always lessons from failure. Keep a personal scorecard to monitor your personal progress. Your designing competency, attitude and work professionalism are your scorecard, and your performance will be constantly judged against your peers’ and contemporaries’ as well as by your clients.

Keep Up the FMDS Spirit of Learning, Sharing & Teaching
In keeping up with the FMDS spirit, I urge you to continue the pathway of sharing, teaching and learning. Do not limit your mind to learning or it will stunt your career growth. The world is now your classroom and everyone can be your teacher or student.

I wish all of you every success and may God bless you. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Mark Phooi
First Media Design School

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