Monday, August 26, 2013

Kind Words from a Friend

Mark Phooi's Biography, Adventures &
Designpreneur Tips
Dear Mark,

Once again , thanks for your specially autographed book. It was really a great book. I have just finished reading it. Some thoughts and comments below:

 1. Book was written and narrated in a refreshing manner, unlike the typical boring biography style that most western authors undertake.

 2. The chronological sequence of the chapters , complete with your thoughts on business, life, family etc, in between makes reading easy, organised and yet refreshing.

 3. However there was not much reference from the book contents relating to the title, " Think like a sage, Work like a fool, Act like a criminal," aside from some brief mentions in the few initial chapters. Perhaps there could be some reiteration of the title or content relating to it towards the end of the book.

 4. It may be a great idea if you can have a electronic copy of this book, so that you can market it on digital publishers like Skoob, Booktique etc. Given the fact that most people has preferred reading E-books on their ipads or other tablets nowadays. This will no doubt increase the not only the number of people reading it but also a wider market and industry segment. 

5. My personal favourite chapters- Personal Reflections- Never covet your neighbour's wealth and success- I personally feel very strongly and can't agree more than what you have written after having been through these many times in my life.

My Confession- We do share a very robust common take on this- Most Chinese Singaporeans having a passion on gambling and the government having more than $500B in assets, the unequal distribution of wealth in our island state. Overall it was en extremely well crafted book. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and has made this weekend a meaningful one. I hereby congratulate you on a having come so far and having a life well lived. Best of luck and health and also a belated happy birthday!

Yours Truly,
Lawrence Tan

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