Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Personal Reflection by Mark Phooi

My Personal Reflection 

Personally, life is a battery of tests. A test of our characters, integrity, values, competency and faith. I choose how I live by how I see my end game and take anything that comes with zest and gusto. At this juncture in my life, transforming minds and changing lives seem to be my calling, not in a spiritual sense but building aspirations and giving learners hope in their pursuit by becoming an inspiration to them. At some points in my life (2005 - 2007), I have also come to realisation that life is also suffering.

"The pains, disappointments and frustrations were too much to bear but I managed to entrust it to God. With His grace and blessings, I survived and passed with flying colors."

To close my life's last chapter, I truly hope to become a game changer and be a source of inspiration to people who are willing to listen, learn and also unlearn. I must admit I am not a saint and am also constantly battling with all the worldly temptations. Emotional detachment from worldly material needs is one of them. Somehow, with thoughtful consciousness, I should be able to strike a balance. With people, I like to see the goodness in others and embrace them readily. Often times, was taken advantage of. However, I harbour no hatred towards them regardless what they did to me cause life will be wasteful living having to store up past grievances. Am turning 51 next week and am having moment of disquiet as to what are my life priorities should be cause recently I have been faced with many business proposals and money making opportunities. I am confident I will be able to set my priorities right before my big day comes.

Regards Mark Phooi

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