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7 Laws of Personal Success in Life

The Seven Laws of Personal Success

Law Number One - GOALS
Aim as high as you can. Even if you cannot achieve your goals, you will get a lot further than if you have not aimed at all.

1.1 Identify your career/business interest and chart your goals
A big goal becomes a mountain when you see it looming before you. If you break up into smaller, more reachable goals, then you will be much less apt to procrastinate towards achieving it.

1.2 Plan with an end in mind
- Visualise these goals through forward/reverse planning
- Change your course of action to suit the external environment but never change the goal post

1.3 Every achievement starts with a dream and follow through by action. Nothing beings nothing ends.

Law Number Two - EDUCATION
Acquiring knowledge is not an end in itself, but a means to an end. Knowledge is a collection of facts.
Wisdom is knowing how to apply knowledge correctly and with sincerity and honesty.
Wisdom is the ability to see beyond the challenges and to discover the opportunity within.

2.1 Pursue academic and related work experience to enhance learning.
- Learn from the experts
- Read as widely as possible
- Learn from others by trading opinion/view points, etc.

2.2 Develop an exploratory & experimental mindset. Before you discover, you must explore.
- Have a strong quest for knowledge
- Develop an inquiring mind

Law Number Three - HEALTH
Your health affects all you do. The key to good health is to eat right, sleep right, and exercise right.
How to be fit, not for a life of leisure nor for any sort of culture, but fit for the struggle ahead.

3.1 Health is wealth
- Sustain a strong body. It is the most important vehicle that will carry us through hardship, troubled times and withstand a longer period of struggle.
- Move beyond the basic struggle and strive for higher level of struggle. It’s more stimulating and yields better returns.

3.2 Healthy body, healthy mind
- Positive mental attitude is crucial. Profits are made by tackling and mastering difficulties.
- A person’s main causes of trouble are often in his own mind.
- Your mind is like a garden, tend it well by filling it with positive, encouraging thoughts throughout the day.

Law Number Four- DRIVE
Anything you’ve ever wanted, dreamed of, or hoped for can be yours if you put passion, zeal, and enthusiasm into everything you do.
Passion, zeal, and enthusiasm are the fuel of drive; it helps you get to where you’re going. Without, life will be a struggle.
Dare to be strong and different. Dare to take a stand for what your inner drive tells you.

4.1 Remove all safety nets (financial)
- No “U” turn nor contingency plan
- Adopt a do-or-die attitude

4.2 Develop a strong burning desire and be passionate in your pursuits
- With passion, work becomes play
- Create benchmarks for self-evaluation and achievements

4.3 Heed your calling
- Do not be distracted by others’ financial gains or successes
- Stay focused and committed to your goals. Put in your best in every endeavour

Even if everyone says you don’t stand a chance, don’t give up on your dreams. Life is a combination of
successes and failures. Both are needed.

Challenges come in three broad categories: easy, difficult, and impossible. Those who take on only the easy have a safe and boring life. Those who take on the difficult have a tough but satisfying life.

Those who take on the impossible are remembered.

5.1 It’s better to slow down and get there than never to arrive at all.
- Life is never a bed of roses. Things will never turn out the way we wanted it to be however much we plan.

5.2 There are no problems, only challenges.
- Attempt continuously until you get it right
- Do not give up, take a break if necessary

5.3 If you want to be a winner, you have to be willing to give it your all.
- Go ahead make mistakes. Only if you know how to resolve it and don’t repeat it.

If you can’t get through the mountain, go around it. If you can’t go around it, go over it. If you can’t go over it, sit down and ask yourself if getting to the other side is all that important. If it is, set about digging a tunnel.

6.1 Tap into the information power
- Have in-depth knowledge of local market intelligence
- Stay tune to common market practice irregardless of its relevancy
- Know who has what and where to find it
- Know how to do apply these information with suitable action for maximum impact
- Increase zealously your appetite for information

6.2 Stay connected to the market players.
- Develop a diverse network of friends and associates irregardless of relevancy. You will never know when you need them.
- Know your contact as human being. Have no division between ranks and power.

6.3 Continuous self-improvement
- Cultivate a reading habit (read as widely as possible)
- Develop a keen sense of competitive spirit
- Develop hobbies related to your business
- Know your personal strength n weakness and learn to exploit your strength and strengthening your weakness

6.4 Develop strong work competency
- Build up a strong presence so that people will respect you to the extreme of fearing you
- Be the extremist. Stay clear from the conventional thinking and practices
- Develop a keener sense for business trends and management practices
- Build up a war chest of business strategies for future implementation

Law Number Seven - GOD
Faith in God is the best insurance when you’re faced with a personal setback or tragedy. An insurance company can reimburse your financial loss, repair your home or car, and help you start again in business, but only God can mend your broken heart.

7.1 Supreme being who has given us all the blessings
Do good as a person (peace loving, righteousness, goodness, mercy, considerate, etc.)

7.2 A strong foundation to build an upright and righteous character
Your character and personality will endure through relationship better than your craftmanship

7.3 Life is a journey; Heaven is the destination.
Almost every one when age, disease, or sorrows strike him, there is a strong inclinations to think there is God, or something
like him. Develop a strong faith and give thanks for every small blessings.

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