Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Personal Life Lessons by Mark Phooi


• Success is only a journey, not a destination. Success is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration.
• Success is a wonderful thing, but never underestimate the value of failure. Failure teaches us many more things than success ever can.
• If you’ve experienced the dark (failure), you can better appreciate the light (success).
• Whether you succeed or fail is not as important as whether you do your best.

• Making a decision whether it is bad or good is still better than not making any.
• It is better to try and fail than never to have tried at all. Some of our key regrets in life are the opportunities we passed up and the chances we didn’t take.
• A man’s countenance (face) tells you more about him than his clothes.

When you make a mistake, do you get better or bitter?
• Every mistake is an opportunity to learn something new. You are wiser today if you learnt from yesterday’s blunders.

• Progress in life, business, or any project comes through taking initiative and continuing to press on with new strategies, concepts, and plans. The original momentum isn’t enough to keep you moving forward. Your progress will grind to a halt unless you refill your engine of inspiration with the fuel of fresh ideas.

• We believe that there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel; the sun will shine after every storm.

Watch you heart, it translates into your thoughts.
Watch your thoughts, it translates into words.
Watch your words, it translates into action.
Watch your action, it translates into habit.
Watch your habit, it translates into your destiny.

• Some people own a lot of things, but many people’s things own them.

• Each new working day is a new challenge. To stay fresh and alive in spirit, there must be change. Find new tactics, methods, and modes of operation that are right for today’s situation; otherwise you’ll be left behind.
• The best way to conquer your competition is to make them your friends. You will never know what can be achieved until you try to do it.

• A painting is made up of many different colours, each one is important and necessary.
• Be the kind of person who is part of the solution, not part of the problem.

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