Thursday, September 10, 2009

FM Leadership with GRACE - Mark's Leadership Style

FM is success driven and has always been very result oriented. Since its last restructuring in year 2006, several short, mid and long terms goals were charted. A FM Road Map leading up to 2016 was mapped out. Milestones were charted out to benchmark against its progress. FM has grown significantly and has successfully migrated its business focus to design education. FMDS brand awareness in Asia is quite well accepted having able to leverage on its 20 years of accumulated knowledge, wisdom, networks and credentials to good use. The growth of First Media is a result of careful planning and execution plus strong leadership commitment. Started with only S$2,000 working capital, FM has grown to more than S$20,000,000 worth of property assets alone.

FM starts with an end in mind. It is constantly mindful of its end game plan.

Learn - continuous learning. Top up new knowledge with old and remove obsolete knowledge
Out of Box Thinking - Always explore non-conventional methods
Venture - Always prepared to move out from its comfort zone
Enjoy - Always relishing the process of putting an idea into action

Positive – maintain a optimistic outlook on its future
Open - openness in embracing new ideas as a change agent
Service - responsiveness, quality driven, proactive & initiative

Passion Hunger and Disciplined
Resourcefulness & always 'Be Prepared' for any eventuality

People centric acting as servant leader and role model to others to emulate
Always uphold a honest and responsible relationship that is transparent, fair, just and respect.
Always trusting and willing to give others opportunity to grow.

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